Taking a Day Off

Since i'm not feeling well today i decided to take a day off. I haven't been feeling well since last thursday. I think because i ate expired food. The effect still remains until now maybe it's because i didn't eat properly too. Arrive at home late and wake up late makes me lazy and doesnt have any time to cook something nutritious.

It's not like there's no ingredients at home but so many things to do, i feel my body tear apart. Like, i sacrificed my time to cook and eat junk food to finish my job and increase my knowledge related to work. Makes me questioning myself, is it a good thing?

I still trying to catch up on schedule i make. Goals that i want to achieve so bad, but if i put aside my health condition can i reach that? When you make decision you have to commit. I should consider more about my own condition. No one can reach achievement if you're phisically and mentally tired and sick right?

Maintain the balance of your worklife and private life is a hard thing to do. Sometime there'll be one day that you should choose one from the other but i doesnt mean you give the other life. It just, what's more important, worklife or private life?

For now, i still can't choose. I will do my best to keep things balance as it should be.

Ayodance Mobile Game

Trying new game today, it's called as ayodance. The platform of the games is similar like superstar BTS / Tap Tap Revenge. Actually, i already have played it before when i was middle schooler. I remember that day when we have to go to internet cafe just to play Ayodance because purchashing power in my country for PC is low. 

Beside, the bills for internet connection is high, my family can't afford it. We once used phone connection but the connection is sooooo bad! The highest you can get is just 5kb/s. Even to loading one webpage took a long time, i think around 5 minutes eh? It is so different now. You can even use your smartphone for tethering anywhere and anytime.

I'm so excited to play this, fortunately i still have some space left for game. It took my storage around 1,3 GB. At first, i'm so confused with the appearance of the game but eventually i get the hang of it. You can interact with other people here, chat/PM them, what makes it more unique that you can be a couple with them (in the game of course lol)

Ayodance can give me some entertainment when i'm bored and tired with my work haha. What i don't like about it that you have to spend REAL money to make your avatar prettier. It is okay if you spend for 300.000~400.000 IDR but NAH!!!! You can spend million of money for it. Prefer to make myself prettier than my avatar on the right?

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Making a Decision in Worklife

Some things aren't always go the way we want to. Bad things happen. We can't avoid that. Especially if it occurs at your workplace. Superior mad at you, you don't finish the work properly, even worse you're being accused at something you even didn't do. 

What should we do about it? You have two choices, leave or stay. Depends on the situation. My previous works is just horrible but it doesn't mean there's no good things that ever happened. There are, but when it comes to a job, there's a point that you're questioning yourself if you being there is worth or not.

As fresh graduate, my first thought is as long as i got a job i have to take it, no matter the salary is. Experience is my top priority. The first three month is ok, but after that, it's like hell to me. unclear roles and responsibilities, unpaid overtime, unclear structural organization, and the worst thing is i don't have the capability to do my job properly. 

Shame on me. I remember my first year i still catch up on the basic accounting. The worse part is i work on my own 85%. It was the lowest point of my life. Last year is just a disaster. My work and relationship was fallin apart. Knowing that, i was doing my best to gain my spirit to have a better life than before.

Fortunately, June 2018, i got accepted in a better company. I'm so grateful to God because i never imagine to work at public company. So, my choice is leave. How about yours? 

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Filing day at the office

Hello everyone, long time no see you all after a few years maybe? I havent update my blog since 2 or 3 year ago  i think. I'm not a type of person to update social media especially blogging so sorry for this lol. Just so you know, everything has changed so drastically since i create this account. I remember i still in my freshman year when i create LJ's account and here i am, being an office lady. Currently i'm working as financial reporting staff, before this i worked at local CPA firm. Hope i'm not failing in my probation period.

Btw, yesterday is filing day at the office. Everyone is so busy to filing their document into the warehouse, classifiying which document should be stored sort by year and cost centre. Only my team doesnt effect by this because we don't have too much document to be stored. Actually there's one box that sould be stored in drawer but already full. I must check first which file i should keep or not before move it to warehouse. If i don't check it and move the wrong file i could be dead. 

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Rumbling about random stuff

Hey, long time no post in this journal kinda miss it.
It's 2.30 AM here still awake. Why i still awake? i have to finish watching the equalizer then get some sleep. I know this movie because eminem's song Guts Over Fear use for the trailer. I dont know if that trailer is official using that or it's just a fanmade well whichever it is i enjoy the movie. You should watch it guys if you are into action movie!

My sunshine girl YUKA


I'm not a big fans of moumoon but i like their music esp "sunshine girl" the melody is really nice ,it's good for the people who want to lazying around bed *haha* and i do some research about them and found this "Moumoon is a japanese duo consisting of two members, vocalist and lyricist Yuka and composer Kōsuke Masaki" and i'm like "wWHAAAAT??" tumblr_mqajjsVCzW1sb8w44o1_500*wrong emoticon but as long as it is cute it's okay for me :p*

well it was surprising me but if you think carefully everbody who just saw their live performance would think moumoon is a singer not a duo

i really likes her style esp for hair and outfit.It's really cute.
oh and she's really good at english pronunciation esp for japanese people :D
i love the english part in sunshine girl

(awesome) Eminem - not afraid

this year is 2012 but i never get bored watching this music video tho it was out on 2010
eminem - not afraid is one of my favourite music,i never get bored repeat this so many times.This song is from his "recovery" album.for you who like hip-hop and eminem i highly recommend it^_^

watch the video by clicking this link  Eminem - Not Afraid

oh yeah I can not wait to wait for the year 2013 because of eminem will release his new album! I believe he'll get the Grammy awards

UTS Sebentar Lagiiiiiiiiii

Di hitung sejak saya menulis post ini UTS tinggal 3 hari lagi dan sama sekali belum belajar apa-apa T.T Masih meraba-raba buat UTS nanti. Materi aja ga ngerti. Waktu kuliah pun sering ketiduran (baca : bukan sengaja tidur ya). Mau jadi apa nanti ckck. Serasa salah masuk jurusan saya.
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Pembuatan Plot YamaChiiTaro

Entah kenapa saya jadi mau buat fanfic YamaChiiTaro. Tapi gak ada ide sama sekali buat memulai ceritanya. Garis besar cerita sih udah ada, tapi benar-benar cuma garis besar aja. Pas mau buat fanficnya, bingung mulainya. Pokoknya bingung deh.  Kayaknya bakalan lama. Heechul's Jealousy aja butuh 2 bulan buatnya. Apalagi sekarang lagi sibuk belajar buat masuk universitas. Semoga famfic ini jadi dibuat.
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