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October 7th, 2018

Ayodance Mobile Game

Trying new game today, it's called as ayodance. The platform of the games is similar like superstar BTS / Tap Tap Revenge. Actually, i already have played it before when i was middle schooler. I remember that day when we have to go to internet cafe just to play Ayodance because purchashing power in my country for PC is low. 

Beside, the bills for internet connection is high, my family can't afford it. We once used phone connection but the connection is sooooo bad! The highest you can get is just 5kb/s. Even to loading one webpage took a long time, i think around 5 minutes eh? It is so different now. You can even use your smartphone for tethering anywhere and anytime.

I'm so excited to play this, fortunately i still have some space left for game. It took my storage around 1,3 GB. At first, i'm so confused with the appearance of the game but eventually i get the hang of it. You can interact with other people here, chat/PM them, what makes it more unique that you can be a couple with them (in the game of course lol)

Ayodance can give me some entertainment when i'm bored and tired with my work haha. What i don't like about it that you have to spend REAL money to make your avatar prettier. It is okay if you spend for 300.000~400.000 IDR but NAH!!!! You can spend million of money for it. Prefer to make myself prettier than my avatar on the right?

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