October 9th, 2018

Taking a Day Off

Since i'm not feeling well today i decided to take a day off. I haven't been feeling well since last thursday. I think because i ate expired food. The effect still remains until now maybe it's because i didn't eat properly too. Arrive at home late and wake up late makes me lazy and doesnt have any time to cook something nutritious.

It's not like there's no ingredients at home but so many things to do, i feel my body tear apart. Like, i sacrificed my time to cook and eat junk food to finish my job and increase my knowledge related to work. Makes me questioning myself, is it a good thing?

I still trying to catch up on schedule i make. Goals that i want to achieve so bad, but if i put aside my health condition can i reach that? When you make decision you have to commit. I should consider more about my own condition. No one can reach achievement if you're phisically and mentally tired and sick right?

Maintain the balance of your worklife and private life is a hard thing to do. Sometime there'll be one day that you should choose one from the other but i doesnt mean you give the other life. It just, what's more important, worklife or private life?

For now, i still can't choose. I will do my best to keep things balance as it should be.