bloody_varia (bloody_varia) wrote,

My sunshine girl YUKA


I'm not a big fans of moumoon but i like their music esp "sunshine girl" the melody is really nice ,it's good for the people who want to lazying around bed *haha* and i do some research about them and found this "Moumoon is a japanese duo consisting of two members, vocalist and lyricist Yuka and composer Kōsuke Masaki" and i'm like "wWHAAAAT??" tumblr_mqajjsVCzW1sb8w44o1_500*wrong emoticon but as long as it is cute it's okay for me :p*

well it was surprising me but if you think carefully everbody who just saw their live performance would think moumoon is a singer not a duo

i really likes her style esp for hair and outfit.It's really cute.
oh and she's really good at english pronunciation esp for japanese people :D
i love the english part in sunshine girl
Tags: jpop, moumoon, yuka
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