Filing day at the office

Hello everyone, long time no see you all after a few years maybe? I havent update my blog since 2 or 3 year ago  i think. I'm not a type of person to update social media especially blogging so sorry for this lol. Just so you know, everything has changed so drastically since i create this account. I remember i still in my freshman year when i create LJ's account and here i am, being an office lady. Currently i'm working as financial reporting staff, before this i worked at local CPA firm. Hope i'm not failing in my probation period.

Btw, yesterday is filing day at the office. Everyone is so busy to filing their document into the warehouse, classifiying which document should be stored sort by year and cost centre. Only my team doesnt effect by this because we don't have too much document to be stored. Actually there's one box that sould be stored in drawer but already full. I must check first which file i should keep or not before move it to warehouse. If i don't check it and move the wrong file i could be dead. 

While doing check, i found the file interesting. Such, engagement letter and representative letter involving in audit. It's so different from my previous work. The response to auditor is detail and thick. Never argue the quality of big 4 eh. There're another odner that i haven't check, sure thing it would be interested me. Another new file, another additional knowledge. I believe, wherever we are working there must something that we can learn, wheteher it's a good or bad thing. For some people, the first they get is sometimes below their expection. Low salary, unclear roles and responsibilities, working long hour (the worse part is you don't even get paid from it) and so on. It'll be a long article if i keep this up, will countinue about it in another post :p

So, that's about my filing day. Still have so much work to do! Don't forget for you to keep your files organized and neat because you don't know in the future when the file will be used especially by third party. We don't want to get in trouble to third party right? especially the gov and external auditor.


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