Making a Decision in Worklife

Some things aren't always go the way we want to. Bad things happen. We can't avoid that. Especially if it occurs at your workplace. Superior mad at you, you don't finish the work properly, even worse you're being accused at something you even didn't do. 

What should we do about it? You have two choices, leave or stay. Depends on the situation. My previous works is just horrible but it doesn't mean there's no good things that ever happened. There are, but when it comes to a job, there's a point that you're questioning yourself if you being there is worth or not.

As fresh graduate, my first thought is as long as i got a job i have to take it, no matter the salary is. Experience is my top priority. The first three month is ok, but after that, it's like hell to me. unclear roles and responsibilities, unpaid overtime, unclear structural organization, and the worst thing is i don't have the capability to do my job properly. 

Shame on me. I remember my first year i still catch up on the basic accounting. The worse part is i work on my own 85%. It was the lowest point of my life. Last year is just a disaster. My work and relationship was fallin apart. Knowing that, i was doing my best to gain my spirit to have a better life than before.

Fortunately, June 2018, i got accepted in a better company. I'm so grateful to God because i never imagine to work at public company. So, my choice is leave. How about yours? 

If you are reading this now, i just want to tell you, you're not alone. Make a wise decision about your worklife. Many aspects and factor that you should consider. A job doesn't always about high salary, but it's about how the company can make you stay at a longer period.


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